Month: August 2016

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September Bathroom Trends

End of Summer Style Summer is all about being outside, being active and enjoying nature. That however, doesn’t mean you should neglect the interior of your home, especially the bathroom. No matter what season the bathroom will always have to be used, so why not style it right this summer. With winter around the corner Read More

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Bath Designs

Bath Design To Suite Everyone’s Taste   Victorian Traditional Roll Top Bath This Bath design had elegance and class, no doubt about it. But because it has such a unique, classy design it will only be suitable with similar designed rooms. And although these baths look classy and expensive, they’re really not. Don’t get me Read More


How To Get Perfectly Clean Tiles

Cleaner Tiles With Less Effort!   Steam Clean First of all you need to spray the tiles with your cleaning solution. Make sure the solution is fine by testing it on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the tile.   Next, turn the shower to the highest temperature setting and turn it Read More

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Bath or Shower?

Which one do you perfer? Cleaning Baths Everyone thinks that showers are completely cleaner than baths because you don’t bathe in your own dirt. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that you have to have a proper soak to shed off dead skin. So really, it has hygiene benefits as it is Read More


Solving Common Bathroom Problems

Mouldy Mennace To reduce the chance of mould in the bathroom, all you need to do is take care of moisture. There are multiple ways for you to reduce the chance of mould. An extractor fans takes the moisture in the the air outside. If you don’t have a fan just open a window after Read More


Unclutter Your Bathroom Using Furniture

Bathroom Takeaway White Vanity Unit With Basin When it comes to good quality, low priced furniture, Bathroom Takeaway comes first to mind. And wow do they have a wide variety. From grey, sleek vanity units to wooden, spacious cabinets, Bathroom Takeaway have a big variety with great prices. If your looking for something simple but Read More

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5 Tips For The Perfect Bath

Personal Spa Not everyone can afford to pay the costly prices for a spa, so why not create your own spa. Simply buy your favourite bath salts, put on a face mask and then just simply relax. I know this sounds obvious but not many people actually take the time to do this and it Read More

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4 Bathroom Trends In 2016

Wooden Finish To start off these bathroom trends is wood. Wood has always been a no-go when it came to bathrooms, however it’s made an appearance and it looks great! This trend is great because brings warmth and comfort to the bathroom. Andrew Crawshaw, Director of design at Smarter Bathrooms says that “timber will continue Read More

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Better Bathrooms Staff Embarked On Personal Challenges To Raise Money For Charity

David Ockerby, James Kennedy and Patrick O’Shea, raised money for charity by running in either the London Marathon or the Great Manchester Run.   Better Bathrooms employees, David Ockerby, James Kennedy and Patrick O’Shea, have raised money for charity by running in 2 marathons. The London Marathon or the Great Manchester Run. Each of them Read More