Month: September 2016

black and white new tap design

New Tap Styles

New Taps Victoria Plum have a huge new range of taps. However, there’s 2 that I have my eyes set on. 2 that look more unique with their matte colours and contemporary shape. These designs are nice. Very nice indeed. I know what most of you are probably thinking. They only have 2 colours at Read More

bathroom radiator

Bathroom Radiators

Designer Bathroom Radiators I remember when I first seen a vertical bathroom radiators, I thought it looked so crazy, unique and modern. Now it’s becoming a normal radiator to have in the bathroom and kitchen. It still hasn’t lost the modern look and it really does look eye catching. Normal radiators sort of blend into Read More


Picking The Right Basin For you!

Modern Bathroom When you’re trying to achieve the perfect modern look for your bathroom you can’t leave anything behind. Don’t think about leaving the basin because its just a basin. No. It’s not just a basin. Well it is, but it’s more important than you think. The basin is one of the main features in Read More

Shower baths

Shower Baths

Aesthetic Yeah sure old shower baths are horrid. Usually a cream or yellow tub accompanied with a tacky shower curtain that would stick to anything and everything. But not anymore. A modern shower bath are not only sleek looking but there so common. They’ve been in trend for years but just overlooked. To be honest Read More

brooklyn furniture

Brooklyn Furniture Range

First of all, let me just start by saying what a beautifully finished off furniture range. Its modern, simplistic look also has so much detail which is a hard thing to pull off. How can something simple have a lot of detail? Well the Brooklyn furniture ranges subtle wooden look makes it look so simplistic Read More

clearance sale

Clearance Sales

Something for everyone Usually, clearance sales restrict you from certain products, leaving just a couple of products to choose from. However for some reason with many bathroom websites, that’s truly not the case. With websites such as Victoria Plum and as they offer many products in their clearance sale. Showers Been wanting to change Read More

dulux colour of the year

Dulux’s Colour Of The Year Announced!

Denim Drift Leading paint brand Dulux have come out with the colour of the year for 2017. The colour they believe will be in time with the trends. They have chosen blue and they think that denim drift is neutral palette that will allow other materials to take centre stage. Why Blue? But why blue? Read More

stacked wood

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Selection Bathroom Takeaway have a beautiful selection of wooden furniture for the bathroom. They call it their ‘calm’ range and rightfully so. The wood really brings you back to nature and feels tranquil and peaceful. No matter what your doing, the bathroom should always be a calm and relaxing place. But only you can Read More

wash basins

Wash Basins We Enjoy

Types of Basins Just like anything in your bathroom, was basins need to match the room. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a complete design in any room you do. You’ll be surprised just how often people have a mixed range of designs in their bathroom. This has to stop. Sure you like all the Read More

3 Signs Showing Your Bathroom Needs Refurbishing

Outdated Its easy to dismiss the thought of updating your bathroom. Many of us do it. However if you take a step back and look at the style of your bathroom, and the bathroom itself looks older than you are, then it probably is. However making your bathroom more modern can be a whole lot Read More

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