Month: October 2016

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Add Luxury With Vanity Units

This Blog is from Bathroom Takeaway so go check out their blog for some great design tips! Bathrooms are designed with not only aesthetics in mind but also functionality. It takes more than just a fancy looking bath to create a luxurious bathroom suite. However, the general idea that achieving this comes at great cost. Read More

smooth furniture range

Smooth Furniture Range

Country Home Style So Bathroom Takeaway sell a beautiful country home furniture set that will give your bathroom that elegant, homely finishing touch. But, a few of these products have been sold out so you need to keep your eyes on them! When they get stocked again make sure you get your hands on these Read More

fresh curved suite

Fresh Curved Bathroom Suite

Fresh Curved Freestanding Bath Yes, that’s right, I’m back again writing about yet another freestanding bath. It’s not my fault they look so elegant! Anyway Bathroom Takeaway have a beautiful freestanding bath that comes in a package with a toilet and basin. Probably the cheapest I’ve seen a freestanding bath suite go for at just Read More

perfect guest bathroom essentials

5 Ways To Create A Perfect Guest Bathroom

If you have guests over then you have to make sure that their stay is perfect. And that, of course means the bathroom. Somewhere they can relax and feel like a king and queen. The bathroom is the room that wakes you up in the morning and gets you ready for bed at night. It Read More

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Modern Bathroom Ideas

Let us show you just a few different items to give you some modern bathroom ideas. Floating Vanity Units People will only think about these for saving space. Although I mention them almost every time it comes to saving space, that’s not the only thing they’re good for. These vanity units with basins from Bathroom Read More

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Cruelty Free Bathroom Products

Guilt Free We are all guilty of buying products that are animal tested. Well a lot of us are including myself. It’s dearer to get cruelty free products and as bad and selfish as it sounds price does matter. Not everyone can afford to get products that are a more expensive because they don’t get Read More