Month: December 2016


A Guide For The Scent of Candles

The Scent Scented candles can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. And choosing a specific aroma is like incorporating an invisible accessory. Elegant scents for a traditional bathroom: Add luxurious scents to your bathroom. Max Benjamin’s French linen and Victorian Earl Grey are both vintage and classy. Both worthy of any gentlewoman’s powder room. Read More


A Guide For The Austhetics of Candles

Whether you’re looking to create a touch of romance in your bathroom or completely escape into a night of bathtub therapy, the flickering light and warm glow of candles are the perfect ingredient for creating a relaxing atmosphere. How do you choose the perfect candles to suit the mood in your bathroom? From the look Read More

steam room

Steam Rooms, For The Mind And Body

Steam and heat. Two elements that make the steam bath a well-being treatment that affords beauty, health and relaxation: you have to try it to believe it. Taking a steam bath is a very old tradition. The Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Romans were among the first to use the beneficial properties of heat/steam. Read More

p shape shower bath

Shower Baths, P Shape or L Shape?

When it comes to shower baths nobody really goes for straight baths anymore. It isn’t practical and in many peoples cases, including my own, it doesn’t look as nice. A P and L shape bath provides extra room to shower and gives off a contemporary look. But which shape do you go for. P Shape Read More