Month: March 2017

cheap luxury bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Without The Luxury Pricing

Freestanding baths are the pinnacle of luxury bathrooms, if you’re more of a shower guy then a wet room will suffice. To achieve any of these luxury bathroom goals, you will be happy to hear, that you don’t have to pay the luxury price. There are many bathroom retailers available that offer great quality free Read More

vanity unit

The Perfect Vanity Unit For You

There are many reasons why people choose the bathroom furniture. Whether it’s design, functionality or lack of money we all end up with furniture that works well with the bathroom you’ve got or works terribly. We think that vanity units are the way forward no matter what bathroom design you have, there’s no excuse.   Read More

vanity unit in white

New Bathroom Design To Kick Start The New Year

With the new year comes great optimism. Why not get a new bathroom design to keep you smiling in the morning throughout the year! Why? Many people will question why you should change anything just because it’s a new year. Well I’ll tell you why I think it’s important to do so. First of all Read More


You Can’t Beat Warm Towels

I know winter is over and were going into spring but there are still plenty of reasons why toasty towels are still the best. Especially in the morning. I get up in the morning because I know I’ve got a toasty towel waiting for me when I get out of the shower. Without that, honestly, Read More