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5 Ways To Create A Perfect Guest Bathroom

If you have guests over then you have to make sure that their stay is perfect. And that, of course means the bathroom. Somewhere they can relax and feel like a king and queen. The bathroom is the room that wakes you up in the morning and gets you ready for bed at night. It starts and ends the days and so this is crucial for a guest’s stay

Save Them Embarrassment

No guest wants to ask for more toilet roll so make sure you’re stocked up on the stuff. Not only that but make it obvious where it is, or even tell them where it is at the start. If it’s hidden away in a cupboard and they don’t know then the guest is still going to have to bite into his pride and ask where it is. Don’t make the mistake and presume they know where it is.

It’s In The Little Details

You know the travel toiletries, We always buy them when we go away but we never end up using them. Well if that is the case for you then this is a free, easy way to make your bathroom that extra bit guest friendly. Put the unused, little miniature toothpaste, shower gels and toothbrushes in a little vase for them to use. Not only does it make it look more inviting, but the guests won’t feel cheeky about using it up like they might if it was a normal shower gel etc. It makes it obvious that its for them to use.

Dressing Gowns

The best way to add a bit of indulgence is too leave a couple of dressing gowns. Allowing your guests to wrap up in comfort every night and morning. It’s the perfect little touch to make them feel welcome and at home.


Whether it’s a scented candle, some potpourri, or a reed infuser, add something that smells nice to your guest bathroom, to make it feel really inviting as soon as your guests open the door. Aim for a subtle smell, rather than anything overpowering. You can also achieve this with some bath bombs placed by the bath or on the counter-top, as this will look beautifully decorative as well as making the place smell good.


For the shower, for their hands, for their face, towels are an important feature in a guest bathroom. Provide each guest with the full set, so they don’t have to ask for extras, and if they are staying for a prolonged period of time, give them a replacement set after a few days to keep them fresh.

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