white and black bathroom colour

Simple Bathroom Colour Trends

Top Bathroom Colours

Many people find it hard choosing a colour palette for their bathrooms. Not wanting to be to bland, but also not wanting to be to bright. We take a look at the top trending colour schemes for bathrooms to help you pick the best colours for your bathroom.

Black and White

If used correctly these colours can work really well together to create a modern, slick bathroom design that everybody has to admire. The great thing about this colour scheme is that your bathroom can be traditional or contemporary. Black and white will still work really well. Because this is just a colour scheme you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can simply repaint the walls, possibly even the vanity units and radiators. Of course if you want to spend money then Bathroom Takeaway does good quality and cheap radiators in both black and white. For tiles you can simply visit Victoria Plum for a great selection of both black or white tiles.

black tiles

White on White

Once again its another bathroom colour that’s right in front of you. Its so obvious but when people think of redesigning they usually overlook white. You should never overlook white. Just like the black and white colour palette, white on white easily compliments both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. The simplicity that the colour brings allows more freedom in the decorating. It brings an almost bright and heavenly feel to the bathroom making it look pure.

white modern bathroom
white traditional bathroom

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