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freestanding bath

What Is The Perfect Bathroom?

We all have different tastes and preferences. It’s what makes us all unique in our own way. That’s one of the reasons why bathrooms are all different, however there must be 1 bathroom out there that everyone will agree is the perfect bathroom. If this is true though, what bathroom is it? I hope that Read More

grey and white bathroom suite with freestanding bath (my typical bathroom trend prediction)

Bathroom Trend Predictions 2017

2016 seen a rise in cream and browns in the bathroom, which I actually loved. For me it gave you the option to go traditional or contemporary, the warm browns and creams gave it a subtle look of luxury whilst still maintaining the homey look that you strive to achieve in the bathroom. Just the Read More

bathroom design plan

New Bathroom Design To Kick Start The New Year

With the new year comes great optimism. Why not get a new bathroom design to keep you smiling in the morning throughout the year! Why? Many people will question why you should change anything just because it’s a new year. Well I’ll tell you why I think it’s important to do so. First of all Read More

p shape shower bath

Shower Baths, P Shape or L Shape?

When it comes to shower baths nobody really goes for straight baths anymore. It isn’t practical and in many peoples cases, including my own, it doesn’t look as nice. A P and L shape bath provides extra room to shower and gives off a contemporary look. But which shape do you go for. P Shape Read More

yang bath designs

Inspiration For All Bathroom Styles

Modern Modern bathroom designs are all about creating a space that’s fresh and up-to-date, and by using our ideas for inspiration, creating this look is easy to achieve in your own home. Combining style with functionality, a modern bathroom makes use of clean lines and simplistic design. It’s a space where you can get ready Read More

black bath

Black And White Bathrooms

A black and white colour scheme never goes out of fashion, and it’s perfect for adding a sense of drama to your bathroom. So, let’s talk about black bathrooms Black and white works perfectly together, black absorbs and white reflects, which is why this combination is a great option for creating an impact in any Read More

one of the unique baths (wooden bath)

Unique Baths

These baths are some of the strangest and most expensive baths you will probably encounter. On that note are would imagine you are only looking due to intrigue. The very same reason I wanted to create this post. If you’re interested in buying one of these, then well you have way too much money on Read More

white and black bathroom colour

Simple Bathroom Colour Trends

Top Bathroom Colours Many people find it hard choosing a colour palette for their bathrooms. Not wanting to be to bland, but also not wanting to be to bright. We take a look at the top trending colour schemes for bathrooms to help you pick the best colours for your bathroom. Black and White If Read More

minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist Bathroom Sometimes, especially in bathrooms, less is more. This doesn’t just mean a tidy bathroom, it ties in with fittnigs and furniture, so if you want that modern minimalist bathroom look, then carry on reading. Cleaning and Tidying Tidying This was an obvious one, and a cheap one. Get rid of all that clutter, Read More

freestanding bath

September Bathroom Trends

End of Summer Style Summer is all about being outside, being active and enjoying nature. That however, doesn’t mean you should neglect the interior of your home, especially the bathroom. No matter what season the bathroom will always have to be used, so why not style it right this summer. With winter around the corner Read More

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