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You Can’t Beat Warm Towels

I know winter is over and were going into spring but there are still plenty of reasons why toasty towels are still the best. Especially in the morning. I get up in the morning because I know I’ve got a toasty towel waiting for me when I get out of the shower. Without that, honestly, Read More


A Guide For The Scent of Candles

The Scent Scented candles can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. And choosing a specific aroma is like incorporating an invisible accessory. Elegant scents for a traditional bathroom: Add luxurious scents to your bathroom. Max Benjamin’s French linen and Victorian Earl Grey are both vintage and classy. Both worthy of any gentlewoman’s powder room. Read More


A Guide For The Austhetics of Candles

Whether you’re looking to create a touch of romance in your bathroom or completely escape into a night of bathtub therapy, the flickering light and warm glow of candles are the perfect ingredient for creating a relaxing atmosphere. How do you choose the perfect candles to suit the mood in your bathroom? From the look Read More

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Steam Rooms, For The Mind And Body

Steam and heat. Two elements that make the steam bath a well-being treatment that affords beauty, health and relaxation: you have to try it to believe it. Taking a steam bath is a very old tradition. The Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Romans were among the first to use the beneficial properties of heat/steam. Read More

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How To Make Scented Candles

Everyone loves candles, especially the expensive ones! We can’t help it though it’s our noses. But you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets to get the right scent from a candle. Enjoy your relaxing baths with candles you want with the price you like! We show you how to make scented candles so Read More


How To DIY Christmas Dercorate

Not only does it end up cheaper than buying ready made Christmas directions. But it also gets the household in the mood for Christmas, makes the most of the build up and allows you to add in your personal touches to the decorating. Doing this kind of DIY has plenty of advantages, especially with kids. Read More

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Make Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Pale Colours, Natural Accessories If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a spa at home, you need to pick 100% natural materials for your furnishings and accessories. Small and large wooden storage units to store your creams and body oils, natural fibre sponges. As well as softly draped linen curtains and the softest cotton Read More


4 Reasons That Will Make You Want To Renovate Your Bathroom Now

Why Renovate Your Bath   Increased Value If you’re currently looking to sell your property, or it’s something you are considering in the future, renovating your bathroom can add anywhere from around £3500 to £4000 on the value of your property. Which is certainly a figure not to shove your nose at! Many property guru’s Read More

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Add Luxury With Vanity Units

This Blog is from Bathroom Takeaway so go check out their blog for some great design tips! Bathrooms are designed with not only aesthetics in mind but also functionality. It takes more than just a fancy looking bath to create a luxurious bathroom suite. However, the general idea that achieving this comes at great cost. Read More

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5 Ways To Create A Perfect Guest Bathroom

If you have guests over then you have to make sure that their stay is perfect. And that, of course means the bathroom. Somewhere they can relax and feel like a king and queen. The bathroom is the room that wakes you up in the morning and gets you ready for bed at night. It Read More

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