How To DIY Christmas Dercorate

Not only does it end up cheaper than buying ready made Christmas directions. But it also gets the household in the mood for Christmas, makes the most of the build up and allows you to add in your personal touches to the decorating. Doing this kind of DIY has plenty of advantages, especially with kids. Because not only will they be having fun getting in the mood for Christmas. But it also will keep them busy whilst you get working o the bigger projects.

Make Your Own Stockings

You don’t have to know how to sew for this one so don’t worry if you can’t. But if you can then by all means create yourself some stockings, if not buy a plain one. Then get going with glitter, felt, glue and even simple stitching. Creating pictures, patches and even the kids initials on them. This adds a very nice personal touch and fun for all the family. But if you’re using glitter and sequins then be prepared to clean.

Make Your Own Baubles

This is another fun one which the kids will be sure to enjoy. All you need is some plain baubles and whatever you want to decorate them with. I would suggest paint, glitter and sequins. The messier it is the funner it is. And the funner it is the busier the kids are. I’m not joking when I say they will be occupied for hours on end. You’ll probably find yourself enjoying it too. Plus you then get a nice personalised Christmas tree.

Smaller, Cleaner Project

Now many parents don’t want there kids running wild making a mess, and that is completely understandable which is why we decided to share this other idea. Simply go outside and grab some foliage. That way you can try and make your own wreaths and decorate the banisters, the dining table, the fireplace, you name it with wreaths and garlands that you’ve made. If you don’t fancy taking it from outside then you could even take some off the Christmas tree.

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