A Guide For The Scent of Candles

The Scent

Scented candles can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom. And choosing a specific aroma is like incorporating an invisible accessory.

Elegant scents for a traditional bathroom: Add luxurious scents to your bathroom. Max Benjamin’s French linen and Victorian Earl Grey are both vintage and classy. Both worthy of any gentlewoman’s powder room.

Earthy scents for a shabby-chic bathroom: Bring the refreshing aromas of the great outdoors into your bathroom. Natural, organic-inspired fragrances such as fig, vetiver, bamboo and green tea – all of which can be found in the Eco Green by Paddywax range.

Exotic scents for an ultra-modern bathroom: Invite a touch of adventure into your bathroom with scents collected from all corners of the earth. The Abahna range pairs unexpected combinations like frangipani and orange blossom. Or white grapefruit and may chang, allowing you to feel like you’re in faraway places while you’re brushing your teeth.

Classic scents for a boutique bathroom: Heyland & Whittle’s range of classic scents includes feminine aromas like jasmine and lilac, wild lemongrass and cherry blossom, which are both pleasant and subtle: perfect for adding a layer of sweetness to a sophisticated design scheme.

Rustic scents for a vintage bathroom: Scent can also trigger memory. And choosing musky, robust aromas like tobacco and patchouli or rosemary and sea salt can bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia to your bathroom.

The Aesthetics and the scent of a candle go hand in hand so make sure your candle looks as good as it smells creating the perfect bathroom ambience.

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