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Make Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Pale Colours, Natural Accessories

If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a spa at home, you need to pick 100% natural materials for your furnishings and accessories. Small and large wooden storage units to store your creams and body oils, natural fibre sponges. As well as softly draped linen curtains and the softest cotton towels are basic ingredients for your home spa.
Pastel green, sky blue and generally all pale and delicate colours are the most suitable shades to soften the setting dedicated to well-being and make it even more relaxing. Don’t forget about plants. A cactus or succulent plant (considering the humidity in the room) are ideal to add allure to the setting and recreate an inspiring atmosphere.


Dimmed Lighting

When we talk about relaxation, we can’t forget to mention lighting, which should be soft and delicate, like in a spa. Design and interior furnishings experts recommend you choose LED lights, which can diffuse light in a suave and subdued way to soften the atmosphere in the room.
There should be plenty of light fixtures fitted all around the room. What about the extra detail? Select multi-coloured lamps and dimmer switches, so that you can adjust the atmosphere and control the intensity of the lighting.



Your sense of smell, like your sight, is also in for a treat when it comes to well-being. For this reason, your home spa simply cannot be complete without aromatic candles, incense burners, essential oils and pot pourri. How do you know which aroma to choose? Balsamic fragrances, definitely, but also lavender, jasmine and verbena are all plants capable of enhancing your mood and helping you unwind.

If you have any other tips to create the perfect spa atmosphere then comment down below. We love interacting with you and want to know what you think.

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