minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist Bathroom

Sometimes, especially in bathrooms, less is more. This doesn’t just mean a tidy bathroom, it ties in with fittnigs and furniture, so if you want that modern minimalist bathroom look, then carry on reading.

Cleaning and Tidying


This was an obvious one, and a cheap one. Get rid of all that clutter, this will be hard for many women out there I know but, just 1 bottle of conditioner is fine. Stop getting loads of different conditioners that you aren’t going to use. When the room looks tidy it starts looking more spacious which is a key aspect of the minimalist vibe your’e trying to achieve.


I know many of you want the minimalist bathroom to make it look clean but honestly, no room looks good with smudgy mirrors, windows and dusty counter tops. However when you have a minimalist bathroom, the room is a hell of a lot easier to tidy, barely any items to dust under, no hard places to reach and definitely no clutter to fall over.

Limited Ornaments

You see many bathrooms with little ornaments everywhere and as cute as that may look, it doesn’t fit in with this design and so they have to be at a minimal and they have to fit with the design. I would recommend no more than 2 small plants in modern plots, if the counter top is big enough put them on either side of the sink. It really fits in with the modern vibe that this design has.

More Floor Space

I know what your’e thinking. But its not impossible. Stop fixing things to the floor and start using more wall mounted furniture because then there is more floor visible. It really opens up the room making it look spacious. This is where you have to spend money. You can find cheap wall hung furniture but you still have to spend money. However, it really does make the bathroom look sleeker, smarter and more like a minimalist bathroom.

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