p shape shower bath

Shower Baths, P Shape or L Shape?

When it comes to shower baths nobody really goes for straight baths anymore. It isn’t practical and in many peoples cases, including my own, it doesn’t look as nice. A P and L shape bath provides extra room to shower and gives off a contemporary look. But which shape do you go for.

P Shape Baths

With the P shape bath, you save more floor room than the L but still get the benefits of a more spacious shower. It’s curved look would fit well with most bathrooms and certainly has a modern look to it.

P shape bath from BathroomTakeaway, £229.97

L Shape Baths

Now the L shape bath in my opinion has a more modern look about it. The sharp edges finishes the bath off with a simplistic manner that would fit perfect in any minimalist bathroom design. Not only that but by having the shower with the bath it creates more space. This further enhances the minimalist aesthetic which is a very modern and contemporary design. Not only does this bath have the looks, but it has the functionality too. Of course it all depends on the sizes of the baths, but if the P and L bath were the same size, I’m sure the L shape but give you that little extra showering space. Take a look at the beautiful bath.

L shape bath from Victoria Plum, £279

So, P Shape Or L Shape?

So after a quick, brief introduction to them followed by pictures and prices. Which one is actually better than the other. Well to be truthfully honest it’s just like anything else, it comes down to a matter of opinion. I went into writing this article thinking I prefer L shaped and half way through talked myself into think P shaped is better. However, for me I’m going to have to say that the L shape is still better. It looks sleeker and gives you more shower room, well at least it looks like it does. Not just that but it also looks as though it doesn’t take up as much room with its minimalist design and sharp edges. Which one do you think is worthy of being the better bathroom and why?

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