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Steam Rooms, For The Mind And Body

Steam and heat. Two elements that make the steam bath a well-being treatment that affords beauty, health and relaxation: you have to try it to believe it.

Taking a steam bath is a very old tradition. The Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Romans were among the first to use the beneficial properties of heat/steam. The practice developed most in the East. Next, Arabs spread the practice of the hammam (Turkish bath) across the world as a rite of religious purification and socialisation, which allowed people to meet and relax both body and mind.

An effective steam room takes place in a closed environment, inside which the body is surrounded by hot steam. The temperature is between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, whereas the humidity rate is 100%. The combined action of heat and steam makes it possible to achieve beneficial effects for your health and beauty.


All the benefits of a steam room

The steam room purifies and nourishes the skin: the dilation of pores brought about by the heat helps the steam penetrate deep-down and frees the skin of its impurities, giving it a new radiance, as well as elasticity and softness.

This well-being practice also improves circulation; in fact, the humid heat dilates the blood vessels, allowing the blood to reach the tissues more easily, even the most peripheral ones, to nourish them and bring them oxygen.
The steam room also offers protection for the respiratory tract, since the humidity is a decongestant and is therefore useful to help combat colds and sinusitis.
Other beneficial effects are the elimination of toxins thanks to perspiration. This encourages their expulsion, speeding up the metabolism with an immediate purifying effect. And last but not least relaxation! The steam room also has beneficial effects on our mind a well since it generates a pleasant state of relaxation.


Essential conditions for an effective steam room

According to the principles of heat therapy, to achieve the maximum benefit from a steam room, it is vital that the temperature remains even and constant throughout treatment.
It is just as important for the quantity of steam to be high. If the air is saturated with water vapour, the humidity present will amplify all the benefits of the treatment. And specifically it will purify and nourish.

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