one of the unique baths (wooden bath)

Unique Baths

These baths are some of the strangest and most expensive baths you will probably encounter. On that note are would imagine you are only looking due to intrigue. The very same reason I wanted to create this post. If you’re interested in buying one of these, then well you have way too much money on your hands. And you like baths way more than me.


High Heel

This shoe must have been created by a shoe lover. And whoever is buying this bath must have a lot of space in their bathroom because it isn’t small. Not just the length and width of it but also the height. This is an innovative design if there ever was one.

high heel bath

Shower Bath

Okay so this one is unique, but it most definitely isn’t strange. I actually love this one. With this bath you can submerge in the bath whilst taking a shower. It’s huge and allows you to stand up with still half of your body in the bath whilst the other half showering. However, just like everything else on this post, it is probably way more expensive than your average bath. And I don’t want to take a shower bath that desperately

shower bath


I actually like this one too. This wooden bathtub is very unusual and it just fits into the environment so flawless. I mean look at the picture. It’s in bedroom and it shouldn’t be questioned. It looks amazing in the bedroom so imagine it in the bathroom. Stunning.
wooden unique bath


That’s right we seen one with wood so now we need to see one of stone. Well quartz for that matter. It’s huge and is made from a big piece of quartz, not loads of different pieces. This just screams expensive but you can be sure that you would have a one of a kind bath that would grab the attention of all who bare witness.

quartz unique bath

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